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Grade: 2
  Topic/Title:  Art/ Ocean Scene
Curriculum Requirements: Assessment: Draw and color an ocean scene History: Before project, discuss, share information about artist Wyland.

Vocabulary: Ocean

 -Discuss sea animals and habitats.  Try and name plants
and animals who live in the ocean, not fresh water.

-Display photographs, Wyland artwork

-Discuss,define seascapes, the project they're making

-Show slides and discuss

-Demonstrate the steps for the seascape:

1. With their pencils, students should trace or draw 3-5 animals
and sea-plants on the constrction paper.

2. Students should add details to the animals.  The details should

be applicable to the animal they have traced.  For example, a shell
can be added to the sea turtle.

3. The students will begin to add the background by drawing about
7-10 lines that connect to the animals and span out to the edge of the paper.

4. The students will draw over the penciled lines with their black crayons.

5. Using the oil pastels, the students can color the drawing and
add additional details such as bubbles.

6. Make sure to have enough time to clean up since pastels are messy.
notes: Rules should be explained to the students about use of oil pastels.  They are very messy.

-Don't peel off wrappers
-No black color
-Push hard

Resources: -Ocean Scene example
-Ocean photographs
-Books of ocean animals
-Slides of ocean animals
-Information can be obtained at website
Materials: -9x12 purple construction paper
-black crayon
-sea animals stencil(s)
-oil pastels (no black)

Submitted by: Jeannie Allen, Fong Elementary-Las Vegas, NV